Zip Line Safety

Our 17 acre facility is set up so that The High Ropes Course, zip lines and water programs are not in view or in the same vicinity as our Challenge Walk and Outdoor Adventure Trail.

For the past 15 years Xtreeme Challenge has employed a double back up harness to Zip Line Wheel Safety System.

What this means is that we use a primary lanyard with back up to the zip wheels as it connects to the harness.

Secondly we back up the harness with a second set of life lines that connect through the leg and onto the zip wheels.

This double back up system assures the rider that the wheels are backed up as well as the life lines and harness .

Equipment is inspected prior to each use and annually by our certified annual inspection team and individuals are inspected a minimum of 2 times once hooked on life lines by our seasoned staff members.

Our Zip Lines do not employ a breaking system (Welders Gloves or Breaking Blocks). Instead we rely solely on gravity assuring riders of all weights that they are never at risk with impact at the end.

Our ziplines comply with membership to The Challenge Course Association , Our Certified Inspection Team, North Carolina Arborist and comply with our Liability Insurance Requirements for our industry.

See our equipment below.