Check out a YouTube Video demonstrating The Challenge Walk for schools from a teachers perspective. 

"Wingate Elementary School partnered with XTREEME CHALLENGE of Monroe for a wonderful 5th grade field trip. A combination of math, science, language arts, physical fitness, technology, and the arts were molded into an experiential learning experience. Students collaborated with classmates to solve a variety of problems that were required to complete individual and team challenges. Trust and team-building activities occurred throughout the day and the students also enjoyed a super outdoor lunch! A huge thank you to Michael and Diana Valentine, the owners of XTREEME CHALLENGE, for hosting us!"

Mike Henderson, Ed. D.
Wingate Elementary School 5th Grade 2014
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Located on 17 beautiful acres in Monroe, North Carolina hidden from the general public. Safety is our number one concern. This is part of our campus that is far away from water or our high ropes course.

See our field trip map .This is our 15th year of working with school children of all ages. Fill out this form to get started

The Challenge Walk for 2016 has evolved! If you look at our Challenge Card above you will see that we have added The Design, Build, Test and Sell Function from our Outdoor Adventure Trail. See it working in this YouTube Video just for students

Our Educational Field Trip Program is fun for all ages. Students have told us that this field trip plays out like the best video game ever. We regularly run corporate America through the exact same challenges.

Imagine students operating in pre determined sub groups never touching the ground for 2-3 hours. Each of the 20 challenges illustrated on the card above need solved and they are uniquely different. We do not supply the answers. An average team will take 20-30 minutes per challenge. This is not an obstacle course that requires endurance or speed.

We as facilitators with your teachers talk the students through a series of controlled questions to get them talking about doing this better.  Take a closer look at our student report card that tracks the individual teams.

This activity measures the length of three football fields as it gently weaves under a canopy of natural trees. Designed to handle hundreds of students all at once simultaneously rotating clock wise. Some schools elect to come over multiple days. Schools bring sack lunches and eat at designated times that closely match regular school lunch time. We provide a back up rain date as well as guaranteed 3 year pricing!
Free school bus parking.

This is private one on one program time unlike a public shared experience. We designed this to be an annual field trip for a designated grade level. Something they look forward to year after year. This is our 15th year of working with schools.

We use an out of the box thinking mentality with famous historic quotes and challenge cards like the two above.

Teachers work side by side with our trained staff as they lead the groups using our lesson plan at each sub activity. Click to see a sample of our lesson plan for each activity.


    Field Trips can be 1/2 day or full day.

We also capture the event through professional photography and create a custom full size poster. We provide a three year price protection program. Many of our schools are on the 8th year of coming for that grade level class.



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